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Tapas Restaurant


For larger groups we recommend 2.5 tapas dishes per person as we place the platters down the centre of the table and everyone shares all the dishes. For more intimate groups, 2 dishes equals a main meal or 2.5 dishes for a hearty option.

For groups of 8 or more ask the wait staff about our Chef’s Choice option of 2.5 dishes per person @ $17.50 per dish
Please note - chef’s choice price may not be used in conjunction with any other discount offer

Homemade Desserts
See our dessert board for today’s choices - $15

Dessert Platter – ideal for one person wanting a trio of mini desserts - $16

Trio of Artisan Cheeses - $19 per person
add a 250ml bottle of Val de Rance ‘Cidre Bouché Brut’ Cru Breton - $12
(made from 100% Brittany-grown apples, this cider is rich in polyphenol and very refreshing)


We are not BYO – this applies to food & alcohol – food not prepared on the premises cannot be sold. This is a health regulation. If you would like to bring in a birthday cake there is a charge of $16 per cake and we are more than happy to sing!

Tapas Dishes

Remolacha y Patatas Fritas - fried beetroot & potato chips coated in our special balsamic glaze topped with feta (V)(GF)(VER)

Ensalada de Manchego y Pera – Manchego cheese & pears with a rosemary, honey & hazelnut crumb with seasonal salad greens (V)(GF)

Coliflor Rebozada - Spanish fried cauliflower florets with a Romesco dipping sauce (V) (VER)(DF)

Calamares Fritos – calamares marinated in buttermilk, seasoned with salt & pepper, fried & served with a garlic lemon aioli

$16.90 each


Pescado Mini Hamburguesa – beer battered fish with our special slaw in warm mini brioche sliders

Balsamic Glazed Brussels Sprouts – roasted with bacon, garlic oil & sautéed in our balsamic glaze (GF) (VR)(DF)(VER)

Croquetas - ask your waiter for today’s hand rolled “croqueta of the day”

Queso de Cabra Frito – hand rolled fresh goats cheese balls, crumbed & fried with a beetroot dip (V)

Gambas al Ajillo – prawns sautéed in sherry, garlic, spring onion & olive oil finished with fresh chilli (GF)(DF)

Ñoquis de Chorizo y Champiñones - chorizo sausage & fresh button mushrooms sautéed in our tomato sauce with potato gnocchi

finished with Pecorino Romano hard cheese (VR) (VER)(DFR)

Andalusian-style Pollo – Spicy, sweet & fragrant free-range chicken cooked with cherry tomatoes, chilli,

raisins, almonds, cinnamon & honey (GF)(DF)

Spanish Albondigas – beef & pork meatballs seasoned with Spanish spices cooked in a rich Pomodoro tomato sauce with

a minted yoghurt dressing (GF)(DFR)

$17.90 each


Higados de Pollo con Vino de Jerez - chicken livers sautéed with bacon & shallots in a creamy sherry sauce with toasted bread

Cordero al Horno con Patatas - slow-roasted Andalusian style lamb marinated in garlic, fresh thyme & salt on a bed of sliced potatoes & cherry tomatoes cooked in white wine (GF) (DF)

Costillas de Cerdo - slow roasted pork spare ribs coated in Poco’s sticky sweet sauce  (GF)(DF)

Vieiras Chamuscado - seared scallops cooked in lemon & garlic butter on crispy polenta  (GF)

$18.90 each
Garlic bread…$7.90

Grazing Platter of Artisan Cheeses & Charcuterie - $33 per person

3 Artisan cheeses, 3 types of cured meats, homemade hummus, olives, quince jelly & crackers

(V) Vegetarian (VR) Vegetarian on Request (VER) Vegan on Request (GF) Gluten Free (DF) Dairy Free (DFR) Dairy Free on Request
we can adapt some dishes for specific dietary requirements...please ask your waiter